Thursday, July 04, 2013

And Then There Are Days....


A friend and I have been trying to get together for some time now, but because she works and my schedule is crazy, we haven't been able to find a time that's mutually convenient for both of us.  She finally suggested that we meet for dinner when she gets out of work then attend a Mohawks Baseball game.  Bingo!!  Great idea.

So last night that's exactly what we did.  The Mohawks are Amsterdam's local ball team.  It's made up of college students from all across the country who come here for the summer to play ball in the hopes that they'll be drafted to a major league team.  In past years, about 25 of these hopefuls have actually received spots with various ball clubs.  Impressive.

We were sitting almost behind home plate, and there was netting as protection for the fans.  I had to shoot through the netting and was pleasantly surprised at how well the camera focused on the players instead of the netting. 

The opening ceremony--the singing of the National Anthem.  When it was finished, the woman next to me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "that was my granddaughter".  Proud grandma.
 I know I've posted several shots of a batter swinging, but take note of the ball in each of the images.  Especially in the third image down.  I didn't notice where the ball was when I was looking at the image on the small screen of the camera, but when I put the images on the computer, I was pleasantly surprised psyched!

After the game, they wasted no time in beginning the fireworks.  I had to delete the majority of the images, but I kept a few.  They aren't world-class, but I'm fairly happy with them so I can share them with you.

There are days when I think I should just put the camera away, but then there are days like yesterday.  I think it might have something to do with photographing something different and outside my comfort zone.  But whatever, it was a good evening and I thank my friend, Theresa, for the great idea.

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trishalyn said...

LOVE them all! Don't you dare EVER put your camera away!!! :-)