Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Classic Car Show

Every second Monday of the month from June-Sept, Guptill's (in Latham) hosts a classic car show.  The cars must be 1988 or older.  This is the first time I attended a show at this venue, and I was blown away by the number of cars on display.  My brother-in-law said it wasn't even the normal amount, so I can't really imagine what it's like when there's a full house.  

One nice thing about this show is that it begins at 4 pm instead of high noon like so many other car shows in the area, so the sun is lower (for better light) and there's at least a chance that it might be cooling off from the heat of the day.

I'm not a gear-head.  I don't care what the engine looks like, how many horsepower, what size tires are used or anything like that. All I care about with a car is that it starts when I turn the key and gets me where I want to go. Oh...and maybe that it's all the same color, that it doesn't have a gazillion miles on it, that it gets decent gas mileage and my latest "must-haves"--a/c and automatic windows.  So I guess I've gotten a little fussier as I've gotten older, but mostly, I just like to take pictures.

My brother-in-law had his car there.  I finally got the details about it from him.  He had a small album of pics showing the progression from "just the body" to what he has now. He said the process took 10 years.  But looking at the car, you can see that it was worth it.

Brother-in-law's car

Brother-in-law made a great statement as we were talking.  Although he is interested in all the technology involved with cars, his interest goes farther.
"I look at them as art".   I think he hit the nail on the head.

The following photos are just random images.  I didn't talk to the owners and I know nothing about their stories, but I enjoyed photographing the "art".


~she~ said...

The yellow, blue, red, and orange would look neat in square frames, hanging together! What a neat variety of color!

trishalyn said...

Beautiful!!! Love how you captured the details. Didn't know about these car shows, either...thanks for the info! :-)