Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another World

It's very late as I write this.  I should never try to post this late.  My eyes are drooping and all of the fun things I was hoping to write to describe these photos are just memories.

But here's a little info anyway.  Yesterday was our hiking day, but 3 of us went hiking walking a nature preserve trail instead.  We probably walked a total of around 4 miles.  We're having a difficult time getting going on the mountains this year, and the summer is already half over.  But the weather was perfect.

On the way home, the driver took us to see this "home" in Saratoga. (think Downton Abbey within city limits)  Really though, Saratoga is like another world.  This is home to a couple. One couple.  Just two people. hmmmm.  The rumor is that they have 20 dogs--little ones, but 20 nonetheless.  The rumor goes on to say that each dog has its own room.  Oi vey!

My friend said they are patrons of the dance.  This ballet slipper is part of the landscaping for this incredible home--you can see the pics of the dogs on it.

After walking around the home for a while, we went to the main street in Saratoga for another short walk and a treat of gelatto.

Saratoga has had a permanent display of decorated horses for quite a while, and now it has an additional permanent display of ballet slippers.
I'll get back there one day after racing season is over and it's a little cooler to photograph all the ballet slippers. 

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trishalyn said...

WOW...impressive (both the estate AND your images)!

I'm curious..these look like HDR. Am I right? If so...then you dragged your tripod along and used your big camera? Did you get the garden ballet slipper image peeking through a fence? Looked like you were there, up close and in person. Last any chance, is one of the two ladies (posing with the ballet slipper) my phone friend, Mary Beth?

Looks like you all had a great day! :-)