Sunday, October 13, 2013

Better in B&W


Leah and I took an excursion to the old, walled city in Chiang Mai this morning.  There are a huge number of temples in within the walls, so monk sitings are very common.  There were two different color robes that I saw.  One was a beautiful bright orange and the other was a more subdued, but also beautiful orangy-brown.

When I was processing these images I put them into photomatix to process them as 1-image HDR pics. I thought I would leave them in color, but when I experimented with the Artistic BW preset, I decided to leave them as BW.  

It was hot and even though we enjoyed walking around for a few hours we decided that once you've seen one, or maybe two, temples you've pretty much seen them all.  (that's a little tongue-in-cheek)  So we decided to head back and find a place to eat on the way.

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Trisha said...

Street photography on a whole different level...these are great! The last image...with the juxtaposition of the monks and motorcycle...really caught my eye. The b/w is striking, but I'm curious as to what the color images look like!