Saturday, October 05, 2013

Home for a Month

I finally had the chance to get some images of my "home" for the next month.  Don't be deceived though. The place needs some serious TLC.  A fresh coat of paint alone throughout the entire place would work wonders. There are certain of my friends that I know would run screaming out of the place.

But you've got to remember that this isn't America.  Standards are certainly different in some foreign countries.  Bit it's tolerable, the a/c works and the bed is pretty comfortable.

The view from the pool deck.

A few trivia facts:

*they drive on the right hand side of the street here
*they drive crazy
*pedestrians have absolutely no right of way....ever
*you shouldn't wear red or bright yellow shirts--those colors have political implications

1 comment:

trishalyn said...

THIS needs TLC? Seriously? Wow...looks pretty impressive to me. Enjoy your home-away-from-home! :-)