Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Continuing North

We drove several hours north to York, England today.  The guidebook says it's "England's most complete medieval city".  York Minster is one of the largest remaining cathedrals in England. It's also known as St. Peter's, its full name being the "Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St. Peter in York".   The architecture is absolutely stunning.

The old city has all kinds of tiny, curvy streets made of cobblestone with shops and eateries along the way.

The interior of a Catholic Church just a block from York Minster.  Some more amazing architecture.

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Trisha said...

Love them all, but #3 and #5 are my favorites! Such beautiful your compositions. They are very inspirational...keep them coming! I'm also enjoying reading about your travels. Looks like you're having an awesome trip!