Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Left London Today

We finally left London today with the tour bus.  Heading north in England we went through Oxford, Stratford and Coventry, ending in Newcastle to spend the night.  It was a busy day, but I saw some amazing places and the biggest decision we (my small group of traveling companions) had to make was where to eat lunch--I won't bore you with all the choices we had to make and all the arguments we had in the previous days when we were completely on our own.

A scene in Oxford

Part of Cathedral Church of St. Michael in Coventry, England.  Almost the entire city of Coventry was destroyed in the Nov. 1944 air raid by the Germans.  The walls of this cathedral and the tower at the other end are the only parts of the structure that survived.

Street performers in Stratford, England, birthplace and home of William Shakespeare

Home of Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife

A building in Oxford, England

Part of Oxford University

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Trisha said...

Love all of these photos…another great posting!

My very favorite image is "A building in Oxford, England." To repeat my comments (left on another site):

"Oh my gosh…this image is incredible! By itself, the architecture is beautiful, but combined with the greenery and the bicycle…wow…it’s amazing! The bicycle…with its lovely basket…is really the frosting on the cake. I’m curious…did you place the bike there? Or did it just happen to be there? The bike is really the key to the whole image. Awesome job!!! (Hope you’re having an awesome time, too!!!)"