Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stonehenge, Baker Street & Buckingham Palace

Things have been very hectic these past few days.  The last couple of days of the bus tour included a LOT of riding and, unfortunately, each stop was way too short.  The last stop we made before arriving back in London was at Stonehenge.  Totally amazing and even though there were a gazillion people at the site, the way they had it roped off made it fairly easy to get some shots without the other tourists being obvious.

We arrived at the London hotel in late afternoon.  Sybil, her mom, her daughter and her friend all decided to go out and shop.  Scott and I stayed in.  Around dinner time the two of us found a sushi take-out and brought some dinner back to the hotel.  It was a nice relaxing evening and the food was really good.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast, then I went out on my own and Scott & Sybil left to do their thing.  I found my way to Buckingham Palace in time for the changing of the guard.  Actually, I got there an hour early, but there were already probably thousands of people waiting.  I found a space right up front by the road and stood next to a very nice couple from Boston.

Considering how long we had to wait, it was fortunate that it was a beautiful day--probably around 70 with a sweet breeze blowing.  

Marching through the street before the changing of the guard.

After the horses and the guards paraded past us, they all went into the area between the gate and the castle where the actual changing of the guard took place.  There was no way to get near the gate to see it because of the jam of people already there, so I just consoled myself with the photos I was able to get from my position.

The main entrance to Buckingham Palace

After the crowds began to disperse, I was able to get near the gate.  There are two guards, one on either side of the main door to the castle.  Each would intermittently do their routine of marching back and forth in front of the castle and I was able to get some shots of that.  

I then returned to the hotel to meet the others for our trip to our B&B for the last two night of my stay in London.  We took a cab and arrived mid-afternoon.

I grabbed my camera and headed out to find Sherlock Holmes' flat at 221B Baker Street.  That address doesn't actually exist, but there is a storefront which houses a small Sherlock Holmes museum and gift shop--along with a bobbie who stands outside to pose with tourists for photo ops.

Alongside the museum is Hudson's Restaurant.  

It was a good day.

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Trisha said...

Actually, I'd say you had a great day. GREAT story…GREAT images…GREAT posting! Thanks for sharing…I'm really enjoying your trip! :-)