Friday, October 17, 2014


The other day I was driving to town when I noticed the beautiful fall foliage colors off to my right.  For some reason the colors have sneaked up on me this year.  I know they've been pretty brilliant in other areas, but it seems like it happened all of a sudden here.  

Anyway, I stopped the car and grabbed a couple of shots with my point and shoot since that's the only camera I had with me.  This image isn't one of the best compositions, but it surely shows off the colors.

Today was our hiking day.  We originally wanted to walk the trails in a preserve near Albany.  When we were about 10 minutes into the trail, I looked down and there were about 6 ticks walking up my pant leg.  ICK!!!  I said, "I'm out of here", and the others agreed.

We went to plan B which was a stop at Plotterkill hiking trail.  By then then day had turned really beautiful and the walk was great.  

When we finished with the Plotterkill walk, it was late afternoon.  We decided to make an early dinner stop at Panera's.

So once we got past the tick situation, it was all a win/win day.

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Trisha said...

Wow...BEAUTIFUL fall foliage image!!! So glad you had a camera with you, and took the time to pull over and capture this lovely scene.

I must say, you and your hiking buddies really ROCK! Loved the photo of two of them against a background of fallen leaves. That's a keeper! :-)