Sunday, February 20, 2011

About a Million Years Ago

The photo meetup I  belong to here organized a sunset shoot on the western side of the island.  I haven't been doing much shooting lately, so I was determined to participate.  The island was completely socked in today with clouds and vog, and I had a vague feeling that the sunset wouldn't be much to brag about, (and I was right) but I went anyway.

As I've said several times before, standing on a beach, with the breezes blowing, and the sound of the waves lapping the shore isn't a bad way to spend the early evening, even if the sunset is boring.

The directions were:  go west on ___road and when you see the power plant on the right, the beach is right across the street.  Very easy and for once I didn't get lost.

It was still pretty light when I arrived, so I looked around for something to photograph.  I thought this bench, overlooking the ocean was interesting, so I began taking varying shots of it.

Some people, however, just don't get the concept that when you see someone pointing a camera in a certain direction (and on a tripod no less, which usually means that they're serious about what they're trying to photograph), that you don't just go plop yourself down in the middle of their scene.  Oh well, on to other scenes.

About a million years ago (ok, that's an exaggeration), in another lifetime (that's not an exaggeration) I spent several months on Molokai.  During those several months I must have seen about 5 fanatastic sunsets per week, no kidding.  In the past 4 years of spending 3 months per year in Hawaii, I've probably seen only 5 fantastic sunsets.   Tonight's sunset didn't break the streak. What's up with that?

I loved this tree.  It was the only one in that area that was right near the water.  I didn't see any of the other photographers trying to get the tree in their scenes--they were all right up to the edge of the cliff (I use that word lightly, it wasn't really a cliff, just a drop-off to the water).  I wonder what kind of images they got????  I also wonder why none of them wanted the tree in their scene???

I'm glad I went.  It was a beautiful evening, and if I hadn't gone, I would have just spent the time in the house being bored.


trishalyn said...

I'm not sure why the other photographers ignored this tree, but I'm glad YOU didn't! I love this image and all of its elements...the partial silhouette, the layers created by the land and sea, and that gorgeous sky as a backdrop. Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

numbers 2,4,6 are that tree....How can you be bored in Hawaii..all that beauty around you ...and the blessing of being able to be many folks would just love to have that opportunity! Jean

~she~ said...

Wow...I love the tree! It would have been the first thing I would have been drawn to! Well, first I would have fallen down on the ground, thanking God that I was actually in Hawaii. Then I would have shot the tree.