Sunday, February 27, 2011

Every Friday Night

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that every Friday night, the Hawaiian Hilton in Honlulu sets off a fireworks display.  It lasts about 10 minutes, but it's pretty nice and not a bad way to spend the early part of the evening.  Last night, Leah, Caleb and I headed to town to see the display.  First we stopped at a street carnival so they could get something to eat (which was very good, by the way) and then we drove to Magic Island. 

We arrived after dark, so I didn't have the chance to take photos of the returning sailboats and the hotel lights glowing in the dusk night air, but it was still beautiful.

I'm still not ecstatic with the photos I got, but there are a few more Friday nights left before I leave, so I'll try again.

Today (Saturday), the kids were going to spend the day together, so I had all day to do what I wanted.  It was a beautiful day--the kind you imagine when you think of Hawaii, so after running some long-overdue errands, I headed to the North Shore.  After a detour to Haleiwa for a Shave Ice, I finally stopped at Sunset beach, grabbed my camera, my beach bag and chair and settled myself on the beach.  Not much wave action and very few surfers because of that, but this next image probably gives you an idea of what a glorious day it was.  I hunkered down in the shade of a tree, spread out my towel, made a pillow out of my beach bag and took a little nap.  Sigh...  By the time I finally decided to sit up, the shade had shifted and I had done a little sunbathing as well, which was awesome.

On my way home I decided to stop at Laniakea Beach where I used to work as a turtle (honu) guardian. There was one turtle basking, and it was at just the right angle for a change, so I lay down in the sand and shot away. 

All in all, a very satisfactory and productive day. 


trishalyn said...

Gorgeous images...more additions for your book! I love how the fireworks cast light on the clouds. The beach image...with the layers of blue and the colorful beach beautiful...and makes me feel peaceful. And the turtle image is terrific!

They say it's a dog's life...but I think I'd rather be that turtle. :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful...all of them..made me really yearn to bask on the beach...sigh...The fireworks shots are the way the light showed on the water.

~she~ said...

Wow...great photo day!