Saturday, February 05, 2011

 The Baby Shower
Today we celebrated the new addition to the Hughes family.  His name is Owen Thomas.  We met at "A Cup of Tea" in Kailua.  We had our own little room, but this is the main room at the tea house.  Very Victorian, very sweet and very classy. 

There were hats hanging on the hooks in our room, and, needless to say, many of the ladies tried them on before we were served.  Since I was there, with camera in hand and because taking the photos meant I didn't have to put one of the hats on, I happily obliged...

(This, of course, is Betty, trying to dodge the camera)

The new mom, Emily.

The new mom, Emily, her mom, Darlene & and the star attraction, Owen Thomas--about three weeks old.


trishalyn said...

Love all the images, especially the the 3-generation family portrait! :-)

Looks like everyone had fun (love the hats!), though the star attraction does appear a little ambivalent...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Loved these 'ladies;...especially the lady in red...goodness but she was =stunning. The others were so pretty too...What fun...I would have loved that...looked like a great place for women to go....Jean

Bridget said...

the ladies are looking good.great portraits. you can see that those hats made them all feel a little sassy.last one is beautiful!