Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some More Sunsets

Last night I attended a sunset-shoot meetup.  That's pretty much a misnomer, since there really wasn't a sunset, to speak of.  But I still took many photos. 

I've been playing around with hdr lately, so I took this particular image with the intention of practicing with the hdr program.  I'm house-sitting again, for just 10 days.  Because of that short duration
I didn't bring my hdr instruction manual with me.  Figures I'd want it...

Anyway, this is the original image--this is the exposure the camera told me to take.  Now, I know I could have adjusted my settings, but I deliberately did what the camera said so I could plug it into the hdr program and see what would happen.

This next image is the result of the hdr magic--although it's still pretty wimpy because I didn't really know what I was doing.  I like it anyway.  Guess I should go get my manual and practice the right way on the other image I took for hdr.


Anonymous said...

wow! lovely change...but I did like the first one too...jean

~she~ said...

Wow, literal night and day difference! The first is calmer and somewhat spooky. I like it.

trishalyn said... IS like night and day! Both images are nice!