Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cloudy Again

As I've mentioned, it's been cloudy and voggy here a lot lately.  Very discouraging, but as long as it's not acutally raining, it's worth getting out and doing things.  So yesterday, Britt, Betty, Caleb and I decided to tackle Makapuu Lighthouse.  It's about an hour's drive and a steep uphill 1-mile walk to the point where you can see the lighthouse down over the side of the hill.  If you're there on a good day, you can see whales breeching off in the distance, beautiful aqua colors in the water and islands off in the distance.

Well....it wasn't a good day. It was cloudy again.  Betty brought along her binoculars and didn't see a thing.  It was so hazy we could hardly see the horizon, let alone another island and the water certainly wasn't aqua.  But it was still a wonderful day (any day without snow is a good day in my book) and we had a great time.

Now, this lighthouse is on the windward (aka-rainy) side of the island, so it always confounds me that there are so many cactus plants along the path.  But there they are, in all their glory.  This is the first time I've ever seen these "flowers", which were really beautiful, in their own sort of way.

This is looking back down the path and at the top of the point is a pill-box used durning the war. 

And, the star attraction, the lighthouse. 

Maybe I mis-spoke before.  This is the star attraction, at least for me--Caleb.


Anonymous said...

lovely lovely...and It was great to see Caleb...that handsome devil...hug him once for me...Jean

~she~ said...

Love the flowers...they almost look like starfish!

My aunt has some purple balloon flowers planted in her garden that remind me of the puffed-up flowers.

Cindy Gregson said...

Linda, your pictures are just beautiful, and to see it all up close must be so amazing....a big reminder that we know the Creator of all that beauty personally, and the He LOVES us!

trishalyn said...

My first impression of the first image was "starfish!" What exotic looking flowers.

I didn't know Caleb was visiting...he looks great! Love that last photo of the two of you...it's a keeper! :-)

Enjoy Caleb's visit...and I hope to see more photos of him before he leaves! :-)