Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Alaska Zoo

My roommate and I arrived in Alaska the day before the workshop was scheduled to begin.  We did that as a safety net, you know, just in case there was an issue with our flights.  That way we were guaranteed to be at the motel in time for the first session on Sat. afternoon.

So that left us with all day Sat. to do some exploring.  We decided to go to the zoo.  I felt it was a good choice, just to hedge the bets in case we didn't see any animals in Denali.  So off we went.  Again, my expectations exceeded the reality, but it was still a nice way to spend the day. 

This particular zoo was one of the least photographer friendly zoos I have ever been at.  Most of the time we were shooting through plexiglass and/or wire mesh enclosures.  But I managed to get a few interesting shots.

It was overcast and cool that day, so the animals were reasonably active, which makes any zoo experience a little more fun.  

Another fun plate.  What's your guess?


trishalyn said...

My guess = "Chef Diva" :-)

Great animal shots! With the exception of the fence in the last image, if you hadn't mentioned being at a zoo, I would have thought you captured those wild animals in the wild! :-)

trishalyn said...

P.S. Oops...guess the pool in the 2nd image kind of gave that one away, too...LOL! :-)

~she~ said...

Great shots for a crummy zoo! Both of our zoos here are impossible for taking good pictures. The giraffes roam free but they are way too far out for my itty bitty lens.

Chef Diva??? I think of you every time I see a funny license plate. It's usually on the highway so I decide NOT to snap a picture.

Bridget said...

first i must say i never thought of alaska having a zoo!
these animal pix are really good though.
i ove the yawning cub.

blondevue... said...

I'd say Chief Dive :) I saw a plate the other day and almost took a picture of it to send to you. Wish I had, because now I cannot remember for the life of me what it was. But it was fun at the time. :)

BrookeMullins said...

I must say, I absolutely LOVE all of your photos. I like that all of them are real life simple things that we usually wouldn't notice on a day to day basis (like the catapiller). These photos of the animals are also so natural its very pretty.