Sunday, September 25, 2011


I attended my granddaughter's soccer game yesterday morning.  She does a great job and it's fun watching her.

While I was waiting for the game to begin, I did some people watching.  Usually there isn't too much out of the ordinary at small town soccer games, but yesterday a few people caught my eye.  This girl is dressed for winter.  It was 71 degrees and she was wearing Ughs (or wanna-be ughs), jeans and a heavy hoodie.  I broke into a sweat just looking at her.

I come from redneck country.  The moms and other females that attend soccer/little league games wear things like:  jeans, cut-offs, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals.  This soccer game was a mere 15 miles from my home turf, but I guess the dress code is a little different.  Cap, stylin' raincoat, skinny jeans and designer wellies.  Cracked me up!

By the way, granddaughter's team won.  Woot, woot!


trishalyn said...

GREAT action shot of the soccer game! It's a keeper...your granddaughter is SO cute! (Congrats on her team winning, too!)

I enjoyed the other images, too...and your commentary!

~she~ said...

Sorry to say it, but I love the second girl's outfit! All the way down to the boots!