Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Annual Dog Walk

Today was the 4th (I think, or maybe 5th) annual county SPCA Dog Walk.  The event was raising money to build a much-much-needed new shelter.  There were vendors, demonstrations and food.  Oh...and of course, lots of dogs. 

My friend talked me into being a vendor to photograph pet portraits.  I HATE doing this kind of thing.  I usually stand around for the 4-5 hours of the event, trying to look upbeat, but being bored and angry with myself for being sucked into doing yet another "show".  I won't even consider something like this unless I can be in a booth next to someone I know, just so I can be sure of having someone to talk to during the long, lonely hours that I'm there.

Well, for this event the booth fee was zero $s, I was next to my friend, I love dogs, and it was for the benefit of a great organization.  So I caved and said I'd do it. 

Contrary to my expectations of doom, I actually had a good time in spite of the fact that except for my camera, almost every piece of equipment I had with me (computer, printer, media card adapter, strobe light, and light meter) malfunctioned in some way. 

I muddled through and tried to stay calm and managed to get some acceptable images.  They certainly won't go down in "doggie-portrait-hall-of-fame", but the people had eyes only for the faces of their adorable pets and they were fairly satisfied with the results.  And except for my technological nightmare, so was I.


trishalyn said...

These are adorable! The pet owners will surely treasure these images for years to come. :-)

~she~ said...

What a neat idea! Isn't that always how it goes though? I hate technical difficulties more than I hate mosquito bites!

Bridget said...

these will be treasured!

blondevue... said...

Glad that you went and enjoyed it. :) These pictures are super cute. I should have asked you to take a picture of Kashmir when you were here this month. I try and I try, but they rarely turn out.