Monday, September 05, 2011

Get off the Tracks???

On the way into Denali Park, we gathered at the train station to await our bus.  We had some time before departure, so most of us wandered around looking for some photo ops.  Never one to waste the opportunity to photograph train tracks, I looked around to see if anyone was watching and then I stealthily (but boldly) stepped onto the tracks to get some down & dirty shots.  I was tempted to lay down on the tracks, but then decided against that since I'm not as agile as I once was and I wouldn't have been able to get up quickly if some "train person" saw me and told me to vacate my spot. (as if I wouldn't be visible to the entire crowd of people gathered there anyway). 

Well, I got busted!  I did manage to get a few photos before I noticed this rail nazi waving for me to get off the tracks, which I obediently, if not regretfully, did as soon as I was convinced that he was really waving at me for me to move.  Now, you have to understand that there are only two trains a day and one had just left--so really . . . what were the odds that I'd be smooshed by a train right then??  

Well, we got on the bus and began our loooonngggg journey to the entrance to Denali Park.  Oh my goodness - - Alaska is so big.  On the way, we were able to see many views of Mt. McKinley and even though we were shooting from a moving bus, the images aren't too bad.  The kicker is that the mountain is only visible about 100 days/year, but the chances of seeing it with blue sky and in it's entirety are even slimmer.  So we were really blessed that we could see it like this.  And any photographer who has a clue knows that you have to get the shot when it presents itself no matter what the situation, because surely there will not be a repeat performance.

Now, you all know how I feel about funky vanity plates.  Hawaii is replete with them and I have a blast photographing them there.  NY, not so much.  As a matter of fact, it's pretty darned boring in NY.  But Alaska, ahhh, such fun.  I wonder, does that say something about New Yorkers??? 

Anyway, this plate was on a tour van--I love it. Looks like the way they'd say it in Hawaii.  Maybe Hawaii and Alaska are more similar that we think--after all, they're only separated by about 120 degrees in the middle of winter.  


trishalyn said...

I really enjoyed your story and images. I'm glad you're back home! :-)

~she~ said...

Wow...the white mountain and blue sky contrast is awesome!