Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

Yesterday's hike could very well be my last of this season.  It was another beautiful day.  We've been really fortunate with the weather for our hikes.  It only rained once (for the entire trip down the mountain), and it drizzled on one hike for about 10 minutes.  

This hike, to Hope Falls,  is beautiful.  There are three waterfalls, and because it rained all day just a few days ago, the falls were running nicely.  My photo buddy and I decided to take our "big-boy cameras" & tripods for the occasion.  

I happily discovered that my tripod bag could be worn as a sling bag, so I didn't even need to carry it in my hand.  I may just haul it along on other hikes now that I know that.  

I also decided before-hand to put my camera on "raw".  I hyperventilated a little thinking about all the post-producton agony editing that I'd have to do but I also decided that I would be lethal when previewing the images. I would get rid of any that were even slightly questionable in composition or sharpness.  

In honor of that decision, I went to see my friend today for a "raw processing" lesson today.  So....slowly (very, very slowly) I'm getting the idea of what to do with "raw" images.

Here are three from the hike yesterday.  


trishalyn said...

These are stunning, Linda!!! How time consuming was the editing? Please...will you teach me raw? :-)

Vacaciones said...

What a beautiful place to explore