Saturday, September 01, 2012

Only A Few More to Go

Last Friday we hiked the hardest trail that we've done this summer. 
(We only have a few more to go until the end of our hiking season) 

9 miles round trip to Indian Pass.  A lot of ascent.  A lot of rocks boulders to scramble over.

 Near the top there were three of these giagundous ladders--thank goodness.  Without them it would have been almost impossible to negotiate the incline. "Incline" being a laughable understatement !  

Can you imagine what this scene would look like in the Fall during peak colors?  I will continue to "imagine" it because there's no way I'm doing that hike again!


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trishalyn said...

Wow...what an incredible view...and what an incredibly difficult hike! I give all of you ladies a lot of're awesome!!! :-)