Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Soon.  Very Soon.

Summer.  Is.  Over.  

Not according to the calendar, but I know it because:
  • The public pool is closed
  • Most people have taken their boats out of the marinas
  • The soft ice-cream stands have shortened their hours and will be closing within weeks
  • At least one apple orchard that I know of has opened
  • Saratoga Race Track is closed
  • The Scottish Games took place last weekend
  • The Fonda Fair ended this past Monday
  • The big Yellow Buses are rolling each morning
. . . . . but most of all I know it because, drumroll please. . . . . soccer season has begun.

 Mace had his first game yesterday.

The two younger ones don't have their schedule yet, but their games will begin soon.  Very, very soon.
By God's grace they are on the SAME team! (insert me breathing a big sigh of relief)

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trishalyn said...

AWESOME action shots!!!! You just get better and better! :-)