Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11th Anniversary & Another Game

Another soccer game, this time in Cobleskill, 45 minutes away.  As I drove through town, I noticed this display in honor of the 11th Anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC.  I thought, "awww, I wish I could stop and take a picture", but there was a lot of traffic and I was going to be late for the beginning of the game if I stopped, so I continued on.

Drive to the field where they played last year.  Wrong field.  Stop and ask directions.  Drive to the new field, without getting lost, I might add and arrive about 4:32, two minutes past start time.  Not a soul there. Stop and ask someone where the game is.  

"Oh, that game isn't going to start until 6:30".  So I was really 1 hour, 58 minutes early. humph!

Called the soccer player.  He said, "you mean you're not staying to watch me play?"

So.  Go home or  hang out till the game?  Find a playground so the two little ones would have something to do for the next two hours?  Then find somewhere to get them some dinner?

I caved.  Heading back through town I stopped to get some pics of the memorial display.
We found a great playground where I took a gazillion pics.
We stopped at Subway for dinner sandwiches.

We got to the game on time.

I left 20 minutes before the end and we were ahead by 3 points.
Go Braves!

So it was a long, but not unpleasant afternoon.  But one I don't want to repeat in the near future.

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trishalyn said...

Beautiful images in tribute to 911! Awesome action shots of your grandson's soccer game! A "win win" day all around for you! :-)