Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today was one of those days that started early and seemed to go on and on forever.  Well....not too early, but it did go on forever.  

First:  Get to town in time for granddaughter's soccer game.
Second:  Visit a friend and play some board games
Third:  Attend a Tea at church to meet & greet the wife of the visiting missionary
Fourth:  Drive my two friends back home
Fifth: A quick trip to the fabric store to redeem a few 50% off coupons that expired today
Sixth: Head over to Riverlink Park to see a visiting schooner at the dock
Seventh:  Make a quick stop at the Garden Bug gift shop to photograph some of their Fall decorations.

Finally!  Back home.

I thought about posting an image from each of the photo-worthy things I did today but I decided against it.  The soccer pics aren't all that good.  No pics from the boardgame session.  Haven't uploaded the images from the Tea.  Didn't even think of taking pictures of the fabric store or the stash I purchased there.  The schooner photos are a bust.  

But....The Garden Bug barn and the Riverlink Park itself might have been worth the effort to edit.
(some more raw practice)

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trishalyn said...

Great compositions...beautiful colors! #2 is perfect for our MVP assignment "Framed by Fall!" certainly had a busy day! Sure beats cleaning the bathrooms (my busy day)...LOL!