Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Hot Hike

Today 5 of us hiked walked the Kaena Point trail.  The end of the trail is the western-most point of Oahu.  As we began the hike walk  at the trailhead, we got our first inkling that the going would be very muddy--these guys were mud-caked, busily assessing why their mud-caked truck was no longer moving after traversing the mud-caked trail.  I guess you can find rednecks anywhere!

It was hot and muggy and there wasn't an iota of shade along the 2.5 mile trail.  But it was beautiful!

At the end of the trail there's always a good chance of seeing nesting Albatross & their young, and basking Monk seals.  I got a few images of the birds, but they aren't very good.  There's and edict about not getting within a certain number of feet of the Monk seals, so this was the best I could do.

We walked along the east side of the point, but this view is looking back at the west side of the island.

A little graffiti at the point.

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trishalyn said...

Enjoyed your post...and loved all of your images! The last two are my favorites. I didn't expect to see graffiti on your hike...what a nice surprise! :-)