Friday, April 26, 2013


Okay.  I've been trying to avoid this for a very long time.  "Word Verification"--ugh.  What a bother.  It's difficult to read the letters sometimes and you have to scramble once, maybe twice, to get a combination of letters you can read well enough to reproduce.  It's bad enough I had to begin using "comment moderation" about a year ago, now I have been reduced to this!  

I apologize to anyone reading my blog who might want to leave a comment.  Bear with me for a while and I'll see if this fixes the problem.    Lately I've been receiving comments that are SPAM!  They aren't vulgar or particularly objectionable, content-wise.  They're just annoying, nonsensical and invasive.  This morning I had 3 (three, mind you) such comments, so I'm glad I have comment moderation.

Okay, you say, what's so bad about that?--"you can just mark them as spam and they won't be published".  Right.  But it's annoying.  And it's MY blog.  And I don't want those comments at all, even if I can intervene and prevent them from being published.

So, anyone out there who wants to leave such messages, here's my point:  STAY AWAY.  Of course, these comments could be computer generated, in which case I'm stuck with them.  
Ergo, "word verification".  Sigh.

In order to prevent this post from just being one long rant, I chose some images from my archives to help brighten your day, and mine.  Hope you enjoy them.

And, by the way, if you're visiting this blog, feel free to leave a comment.  I enjoy hearing what you think of my images and experiences.  Just don't leave SPAM, :-)


J Murray said...

hi there. I agree and have similar problems myself... if you want to have a more artful life... I have money you can borrow... you have just won the lotter in a nation that does not exist... and here is my website:

Ha!! I spam'd you anyway! giggles. Much love - it is warming up in these parts, so it must be close to time to see you soon!!!

trishalyn said...

I was glad to find those beautiful images at the end of that posting! :-)