Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Plantation Village Tour

This morning my friend Betty, my daughter Leah and I took the Plantation Village Tour in Waipahu.  
We had a head's-up that we should go on a Monday morning and ask for Espy as our guide, or docent which is the technical term for museum tour guide.  She's actually the daughter of a plantation worker and although her parents were originally from the Philippines, she was born on the plantation after her parents became plantation workers.

So she was able to give us truly first-hand information about what life was like on the compound in the mid-1900s and in addition to giving us historical info about the other people groups who lived there, she interspersed that information with personal stories of her life with her parents and siblings.

It was a nice tour, made even nicer by Espy and the fact that she fed us lunch at the end of the tour.  Being a volunteer at the Plantation,  she only works on Monday morning but every Sunday night she spends hours preparing food to bring to serve her visitors.  Oh, yum!!!  

There were several school groups going through the tour at the same time as we were.  

The following group of images show details of the insides of various living quarters.

The little hammock in the corner is where the "baby" would sleep.  There would be a wooden bar stretched across the middle in order to prevent the baby from tipping over.

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trishalyn said...

Looks like an interesting tour. Beautiful images!