Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gloversville Again

A friend of mine and I planned on attending a Hiking Club meeting tonight in Gloversville.  Obviously we had to combine the trip with a photo shoot, so we met early for dinner, at one of my favorite places to eat, of course...Pizza Hut.  Then we went to the main street in Gloversville to see what photo ops we could find.

The late afternoon light was beautiful. For some reason I wasn't as inspired as I usually am, but I still managed to get a few images that I'm excited about.  I got a couple of series for HDR, but it's late now and I won't work on them until another day.

The column below is one in a row of columns along the side of a bank. 

There is a costume store in the process of going out-of-business.  It was closed but my friend saw some naked manniquins inside the building and she spent some serious time trying to photograph them through the window.  I concentrated on this little-girl manniquin that was in the front window. 

The Hiking Club meeting went well, but I'm really wondering about something.  I don't even like to hike, what am I doing joining a hiking club?  Yikes!


trishalyn said...

OK...I'm hoping the 3rd time is the charm (I tried leaving comments twice early this morning!). Here we go again...

Love the first image, with the window peeking thru the bare branches. The pink curtains make a great visual point of interest!

I really like the angle of view on the b/w column image, too...and the little girl mannequin portrait is lovely!

As for you joining a hiking club when you don't even like to hike...well, that one is do it for the photo ops, of course! LOL!

Trisha said...

Hey...what happened to the comment I left here the other day?!

Love the window image thru the bare tree branches. The pink curtains make a great point-of-interest for this shot!

I also really like the monotone image of the column...great angle of view!

The mannequin caught my eye...nice shot! I really liked the HD version you posted the next day, too!