Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nothing New Today

No new photos taken today, but here are a few I took yesterday on the trip to Gloversville.  This little girl mannequin was so intriguing.  It was really difficult to get a good composition of her without also getting glare in the plate glass window, so my options were limited.  I just love the face.  So sweet, but with the cracks criss-crossing her features. 

This is the same image I posted yesterday.  The first is the exposure the camera said was correct, the second image is the one I put through the HDR process.

I considered taking a photo of the temperature gauge in my car reading 77 and talking about how awesome it was driving home with the windows down finally, with the sun shining and everything turning green.  But I'll skip that for now.  Really...who but those of us who are experiencing such great weather care about it any way?  If your weather is worse, it's just annoying and if you live here, you already know about it, so what's the point?

Spring is finally arriving.


Trisha said...

I've had a lot of difficulty leaving a comment on this site...hope it goes thru this time! :-)

Photo #1 is kind of creepy...I bet Steve would love it...LOL!

I really enjoyed seeing the difference between regular/HD in the mannequin images. Love the hair highlights in the HD pic!

As for taking a photo of the car temperature gauge...I've done that myself! So why not rub it in a bit for those not experiencing such great weather? :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the HDR image. The hair and flower highlights are neat.