Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Head in the Sand

A few years ago I decided that I didn't need to read the newspaper, or even watch the news on TV anymore.  It's practically all depressing or aggravating.  I basically have my head in the sand, but you know what?  I'm much happier.

However, tonight, as I was eating a quick dinner so I could head on down to Jacob's LL game, I thought I'd at least look at the headlines, since the newspaper was right there, only about 4 inches from my dinner plate.  Well, BIG MISTAKE!!!

Right there on the front page, under this headline was this article.  Even if you don't have a clue where Amsterdam, NY is, this is totally annoying and I can just feel the rebellious ire rising up in my innards.  Yikes!!, charging people for selling what they've already bought (probably in Amsterdam) and paid taxes on (probably in Amsterdam).  Yup, $15 for a 2-day garage sale and $20 for a 3-day sale. 

Way to go, Amsterdam!!!  Way to attract people to want to live there.

So, as though that wasn't enough to convince me to give up reading the paper, I proceded to thumb through to see what other bad news there was.  Sure enough, this Editorial almost sent me over the edge.
Legislation to prevent teens from tanning.  Legislation because, for some reason, the government doesn't think that parents should have that responsibility.  I'm telling you, people, "1984" is coming true day-by-day.  Big Brother in all his glory.  I'm getting a stomach ache just writing this.

And THEN, because I was temporarily out of my mind, I turned a few more pages and came across this article. 

 Oh.     My.     Goodness!!!!

Now if the government thinks they should be sticking their nose into the business of individual families, THIS is really what it should be banning.  Quite the role model, don'tcha think?

Well, then I got to the ball game.  Thank God for my daughter and her children.
(Think about this:  Lady Gaga was, once upon a time, some momma's sweet little girl)
Lauren was soooo bored.  She spent some time playing with her dad's cap.  She's an awesome model.


trishalyn said...

LOVE Lauren's portraits...especially the last's AWESOME! What a cutie!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

so the world stinks..what else is new??? Come On Linda! Count your blessings....there are many..that little grand daughter is one..count from there......

~she~ said...

It's scary that an entire generation is looking up to Lady Gaga as a role model. Sometimes I agree that I might be better off not reading the newspaper and being clueless too.