Friday, May 13, 2011

Note to Self...

Late this afternoon, just about 1/2 hour before dusk, I forced myself to leave the house and find something to take photos of.  I hadn't been to the Auriesville Shrine since last year and even though I'm not usually too inspired there, I decided to chance it, mainly cause just down the road from there is a great soft ice-cream place and I decided that I would treat myself to dessert tonight.  Once I got to the Shrine and began walking around, I remembered that I should have written a note to myself:

Self--never, never go to the Shrine at dusk without a hefty supply of mosquito repellent.  Needless to, I didn't stay too long.

These two images are the same.  One is what the camera said was the correct exposure and the other is an HDR version of it.  Can you tell which is which?


trishalyn said...

#1 = HDR
#2 = Camera exposure

Am I right? My favorite is's brighter, the colors are more saturated, and the background shows more detail. I love it!

How about teaching me this HDR??? :-)

~she~ said...

These are the things I do not yet understand. The first one looks better.