Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Wind Was Craaaazzzzzy!

Yesterday was one of those picture-perfect days and I did nothing constructive or interesting.  Well....I made some French Bread, but really, on such a nice day, I should have been out and about.

So today I decided to head up to the North Shore and see if I could find some waves and surfers to photograph.  Well the wind was crazy and the waves weren't all that wonderful.  But it was still a great day to be out.

There were some surfers trying to catch waves, so I got a few shots--none of which were too successful.  I spent a good deal of my time hunkered over my camera to protect it from being sandblasted when the wind blew particularly hard.  

As usual, I did some people-watching.

This woman cracked me up!  She was with her husband and three children.  I can only imagine that this trip to Hawaii might be a trip of a lifetime for them.  In my mind's eye I can see them saving for years to be able to get all 5 of them to the islands.

And there she is...taking pictures with her iPad!!  I don't know~~it just seems so wrong to me.
But she seemed to be enjoying herself, so I guess that's really what matters.  They'll probably have some great photos for their family album.  I guess it beats taking photos with a flip-phone, and I've seen plenty of that too!

I decided to go home the long way which took me past the Byodo-In Temple.  

This angle of the temple is even more beautiful when the sky is blue--but no such luck today.


trishalyn said...

These are beautiful (as always)! I love the "people watch" pics and the partial silhouettes of the surfer and iPad woman. You have such a great (photographic) eye. Sorry your luck ran out, though, with the white sky for the temple image, but it's still a great shot! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

WOW. I see a ribbon earned for the second image! I like the surfer image and the others but I keep returning to the lady, braving the windy conditions.

Ariel Summers said...

Same here! It's beautiful the way her yellow dress blows over her flowery skirt...