Saturday, February 09, 2013

Thankful Thursday (very late on Friday again)

So my Thankful Thursday post is from Feb 5 which was one day less than 6 weeks after my surgery.  I mention that only to say that I was able to walk one mile on the treadmill and still do a significant distance on the recumbent bike.  Things are progressing nicely and I'm thankful to God for the healing that's happening.  

The day of my surgery, I couldn't imagine that I'd come this far in just 6 weeks.

Below is another photo from my excursion to Pearl Harbor the other day with my friend Julie.  I love these old grungy looking scenes.


trishalyn said...

You've made amazing progress since your surgery...way to go!!!

I love the image of the old, grungy looking scene. How can something decrepit look so beautiful?! :-) That looks like an HDR I right? I have GOT to get with the program! :-)

P.S. Keep posting...I really enjoy your Hawaii images, even if I am wildly envious...ha...ha!

Framing Images and Memories said...

I also like images of old buildings with colors that usually accompany aged structures. Great to see you doing so well and getting stronger and stronger.