Wednesday, February 20, 2013

China Town

Jackie and I took a trip to China Town today.  After driving around for about 10 minutes looking for a parking spot or parking garage, we finally found one.  It's alway an experience trying to find parking in Honolulu that's reasonably affordable.  

We just walked around.  We.   Were.   Totally.   Obvious!
I'm not usually too self-conscious when doing street photography, but today I was.  
There we were....two haole women with camera bags on our shoulders and obviously good expensive cameras in our hands.  Jackie has an "L" series lens, and you know how they stick out like a sore thumb.  Most people think, "white lens = professional photographer".  And to top it off, I was schlepping my tripod, which, by the way, I never even used.

Thankfully we didn't get mugged, annoyed, bothered, questioned or shooed away.

And then there's the other face of Hawaii....the homeless.


trishalyn said...

These...are...INCREDIBLE!!!! I looked at image #5 a half dozen times before I even realized there was a person sleeping in there!!! Oh my gosh, are having quite a successful photographic trip this winter! I hope there is a "Hawaii 2013" book on the horizon!!! :-)

P.S. The "homeless" guy standing by the red door (an amazing shot!)...did you strike up a conversation with him first and ask permission to shoot him? He appears to be posing for you and looking at the camera.

~she~ said...

I, too, like the photo of the man by the door. Who knew Hawaii had a Chinatown??? If you're going to be homeless, I guess that's the place to do it!