Thursday, February 07, 2013

An Afternoon At Ford Island

My friend Julie and I went to Ford Island yesterday.  It's right at Pearl Harbor.

This first image is of a plane hanger and the holes you see in the glass are the original bullet holes from the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The next two images are of the tower at the airfield.  It's in the process of being restored, and it was freshly painted within about the last year.

An old fire truck.


Anonymous said...

Love them! Really like the one you took from the ground. Also love the one through the chainlink fence. Fun day together, your efforts were worth it.

trishalyn said...

These are awesome...I love them all!!!

I couldn't believe those bullet holes in the glass...still there after all these years. And you look so happy in that photo (and why shouldn't you be?)...ha...ha! I'm torn between #4 and #5 as my favorite...but #4 is the winner...just can't resist those bold colors and the abstract design!

BTW...saw your daughter at school today! :-)

One more thing...don't forget...TODAY IS THANKFUL THURSDAY! :-)

~she~ said...

Very neat pics! It's awesome to see history like that.

Anonymous said...

I used to drive one of those "crackerbox" ambulances!