Friday, February 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday Swimming
23/365 Thankful Thursday post is from 2/14 when I went to the Y and did some swimming.

Swimming is probably my all-time-favorite physical activity.  I haven't done it at all for the past two years--swimming in upstate NY is not easy.  It's difficult to find a decent public beach at a lake, I don't know anyone who owns a lakeside cabin, it's expensive to join a Y or fitness club and to get anywhere to swim involves a fairly long drive.

But in light of my recent surgery, when I return to NY,    I.   will.    join.   a.   YMCA.   and swim to my heart's content.

No photo of the Y.  But below are two images.  The first one was already posted a while ago.  The second one is the same image but processed differently in Photomatix.  Oh, goodness, that program is so much fun!!

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trishalyn said...

Gorgeous!!! Love them both, but I'm still drawn to image #1. I can't wait to get Photomatix!!! :-)