Saturday, January 29, 2011

 A Morning At Kaena Point

After spending the last three days on the big island for work, I was able to go hiking with some friends today.  And again, I use the word "hiking" loosely.  Our destination was a morning at Kaena Point, an old friend to us.  The day was stunningly beautiful and we were very glad to be out walking along the coast, watching for whales and searching tide pools for treasures (Betty) and
photographing (Britt and I). 

This is a 2.5 mile (each way) walk to the point, but that wasn't our goal today.  We just wanted to be outside and enjoy the beaches along the way, so we strolled about one mile each way. 

Britt taking photos of the ocean.

What a blessing to be here and be able to see this beauty.  


Anonymous said... is a blessing to see and enjoy God's handiwork....these are simply gorgeous....Jean

trishalyn said...

Stunning...every single one of them!!! Thanks for bringing such beauty into our homes. :-)

~she~ said...

I'm even more jealous of you today than I was before. It is utterly icky here today. Next year I will try to talk Hubby into letting me winter in Hawaii. I'll look you up if he agrees.

Bridget said...

beautiful beach shots. i don't know how you can keep them fresh and interesting.can't take my eyes off of them.