Sunday, January 09, 2011

"Several Things You Can Do In Hawaii"  or
"My Friend, the Stalker"

First--let me list the "things you can do"

*photograph other photographers who are photographing
*stalk celebraties
*photograph celebraties
*watch ships
*photograph the ships you're watching
*photograph sunsets

The day began fairly peacefully. I had plans to meet up with some friends to go hiking.  Now....this isn't like hiking in NY.  It's kind of a stroll with some slight (and I use that word loosely) elevation.  But it was, after all, a sweet walk through the vegetation.  What made it so special though, was the waterfall at the end of the walk (well, I think there was more "walk", but we wound up at the waterfall and that was fine with me). 

You're probably wondering to yourself why there are no photos of the waterfall?  Well, it was actually a pretty nice one, but I didn't have my tripod and I'm not thrilled with the quality of the shots I took of the falls. 


After the "hike" we went to Kailua to reward ourselves with ice-cream, and I received a call from my friend Julie, aka, The Stalker.  She belongs to a group of people who are interested in acting and who actively seek out opportunities to be cast in the many movies and tv shows that are filmed here in Hawaii.  Julie wanted me to accompany her to Aloha Towers where the group was giving out T-shirts for the members.  It just so happened that there was a seminar in progress, being given by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. 

Now, I know you're probably wondering who this person is.  Well, he's an actor (and a fairly prolific one) who is in movies that I never watch, but he did happen to be in the Hawaii Five-0 episode that aired this past Monday.  So in case you didn't realize that he's the person in the dead center of the image below, let me tell you this.  That's him!!!

The people in the following photo are all those who participated in the seminar, except, of course, Julie, aka, The Stalker.  After getting her T-shirt, we went outside to take some photos, and then she found out that she could actually talk to him even without being in the seminar, so we sat around waiting for the session to end.  When they were getting ready to take the group photo, some of her friends encouraged her to get into the shot.  Not one for needing her arm to be twisted, she jumped right in there.  She's second from left.

Julie and Cary.

After that, we went outside to watch the boats in the harbor and catch some sights of the sunset. 


trishalyn said...

Another interesting and enjoyable post...thank you!

I LOVE the sunset images, specifically the last photo and the 3rd from the bottom (silhouette of palm tree). The compositions are wonderful and the colors are beautiful!

Just one request...all of the posted images were tiny...even when I clicked on them to enlarge. Could you please make them a little bigger next time? Thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

one , three,seven, eight and nine ...were my favorites.. Interesting about the actor ..I had not watched the show so didn't recognize him.
Loved that last shot with the ship in it...colors are great..Jean