Friday, January 07, 2011

 This Morning & This Evening
This morning Leah took me to one of the beaches I've never been to.  It's a favorite of hers, and after being there today, I can understand why.  I think it's high on my list of favorites now too.  She did her morning run, while I took photos--no surprise there.  It was cloudy and cool, so there weren't as many peple on the beach as there might have been had the weather been good.  But there were still many photo ops. 

This evening I went to the Ice Palace to watch my friend's son play ice hockey. Quite the contrast in activities...

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trishalyn said...

You're right...quite the contrast in day and night! :-)

I enjoyed all of your images, but I especially LOVE the 2nd one. I've never seen a "contraption" like that least, if I have, I don't remember it. Are they a common sight in Hawaii? What is its name?

I check your blog daily and have been glad to see so many postings. Keep them coming!!! :-)