Monday, January 03, 2011

Day 2--It's Tough When They Know You

"Will you take our family picture for our Christmas Cards?"  was the question.  That was three weeks ago...Today was the day it finally worked.  You know the drill, one of them had to leave early and didn't want to spare the 90 seconds it would take, or they were dressed in individually nice, but totally clashing colors for a group, or one of them was in a mood.  So today, with pleading puppy dog eyes, she asked me again if I brought my camera and would I take the family photo for their Christmas Cards?

Twist my arm, would ya.  Of course I would and wonder of wonders, they were somewhat coordinated and in good moods.  Almost too good from the look of the first two images.  But that's better than the alternative!  It's tough when they know you--kind of like the comedian, what's-his-name, saying, "I don't get no respect!"

Believe me, I'm not bragging about the lighting, the posing, or the background.  But there are times when you've got to go with what you've got.  This was one of those times.  All smiling, all looking at the camera and all cooperating.  What more could you ask? Well, don't get me started on that, because in a perfect world (that MY perfect world), this session would have taken at least an hour.  I think this took about 7 minutes because I knew if I didn't hustle, the moment would be lost.  AND I only had my point and shoot. 

Whew, that's done for another year.  Those Christmas cards might just get mailed out in time for Valentine's Day. 


Anonymous said...

they seem extremely uncomfortable..which Christmas do they intend to use these?

Anonymous said...

In about three or four years, that way y'all will say, "My they look so young!".

trishalyn said...

Anonymous 1 and 2 made me laugh! :-)

What a good looking family! I like all the photos, but especially the ones of the kids clowning around. Of course, I'd choose the last one for MY Christmas card, though!

P.S. The first two photos remind me of that TV know, the one where mom says that Windows gives her the family Mother Nature never could? LOL! :-)