Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And People Think Golf is Fun Because....?

Back in the day when I was in college, my major was Physical Education.  One of the required courses was g..., g..., gol..., golf.  ugh!  Now...I had never played golf, but my gut reaction was that I didn't like the game. 

When registering for the last semester courses in my senior year, Golf was looming over my head.  I had put it off as long as I could.  No golf, no graduation!!!  I implored my advisor, "please, please...I don't want to take that course, I'll do anything, anything--write a paper, take two other courses in its place, pay you".  I pleaded.  I begged.  I whined.  I almost cried.

All to no avail.  It was, "take the course or don't graduate". 

So on the first day at the golf course, I approaced the tee-off spot (see, I don't even know what it's called), started shaking, placed my rubber tee on the spot, took the stance, almost cried, prayed that the rest of my class would stop watching me,  and swung.  I connected!  It was a thing of beauty.  It felt awesome.  I followed through just like you're supposed to.  "Well, that wasn't so bad", I thought.  Until I looked down.  Right where I put the tee sat the ball and right where the ball should have gone went the tee.  As my classmates laughed, I died a thousand deaths. (I can hear you laughing too.  STOP IT!)

Since that course I have never set foot on a golf course.

Except, of course, for minature golf--at which I am equally bad. 

Jessica, Lauren, Jacob and I went golfing today.  It was actually fun.  I'm glad it's over.

I'm still wondering, people think golf is fun because.........?


trishalyn said...

Terrific posting! I really enjoyed your writing and accompanying photos. Looks like you created some wonderful memories on the golf course! :-)

P.S. Your grandchildren are adorable!!!

~she~ said...

It stresses the living daylights out of me! Especially miniature golf! I've only been on a real golf course once and I think I was about 10. My aunt took me home halfway into it. But once at a driving range, Hubby bet me a new outfit that I couldn't hit a ball to the 100 yard sign. I willingly teed up and swung. Just a dribble. I tried once more and creamed it past the sign. I walked away from my golfing career right then and there while I was on top.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Golfing is an interesting sport indeed. It's great for clearing the mind and being outside. Looks like you found some peace and happiness with your latest golf outing.