Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Post

I've reached a new low.  Did you get a look at the title for this post???  I just couldn't quite get the creative juices flowing for an interesting title.

Anyway, this morning I had plans to meet a friend for breakfast, so we thought we'd try the diner at the Riverlink Park.  While I was waiting for her, I took a few more photos of this bridge (the one I photographed with HDR a few days ago), but I only had my point and shoot with me.  So in an attempt to be creative, I put the camera down on the ground to get a low perspective. 

When we got down to the diner, it was closed--never open for breakfast.  That will teach me to take a photo of the store hours next time so I can remember (for longer than 30 seconds) when a place is open.  Anyway, we found somewhere else to eat and had a good visit.

So, a few weeks ago I posted a photo of my new (to me) car. 
The vanity plates arrived today.  Here ya go!


trishalyn said...

Cute vanity plates! :-)

I never saw the photo of your new car. You probably posted it on FB, because I check your blog faithfully...every single day...and I haven't seen it. Could you please post the new car pic on your blog? I would love to see it! Thank you.

Sorry you missed out on enjoying the Riverlink cafe. I knew they weren't open for breakfast...I'm not sure about lunch, either. But I had dinner there last summer with a friend, and it was fantastic! Linen tablecloths, crystal glasses...definitely not a diner...and the food was fabulous! I hope you make it there for dinner sometime! :-)

J Murray said...

Love the angle of the bridge... out of all my photog friends who have taken photos of that bridge, you are the first to take it from that angle (that I have seen).
As for feeling a lil in a funk and not terribly creative, I am right there with you and need to push through myself. sigh.

~she~ said...

I should have known you would get vanity plates, since you love them so much! You even have me checking out license plates as I walk through a parking lot, looking for something to shoot!

J.L.Velez said...'re either saying "hi" to some rocks you like or you love Hawaii :) I like the new plates and the car from what I can see!