Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Bike Ride, or, 9 on the 9th

I had plans to meet a group of bicyclists this morning at a bike path I've never been to before.  I wound up not being able to find where they were, but I found another access to the bike path, so I went out on my own. 

Although I didn't like the long drive to get there, the new path was a nice change from the paths I usually ride on.  Many more photos ops along this route, and it was a beautiful day.

As I was getting ready to start tonight's post, I remembered that I forgot to do my "5 on the 5th" this month, so you're getting "9 on the 9th".  I guess it was serendipity that I was able to take so many pics today.

An old railroad station

View from the train station


Framing Images and Memories said...

Terrific photos. You saw a lot more than I did on my ride, in Amsterdam. I love the blue sky too. Sorry you missed the others but for you going anyway.

trishalyn said...

GREAT JOB! (Notice...that is 9 characters!) :-)

These are beautiful images, Linda! I love them all, but my favorites are those of the bridges and the one of the old train station framed by trees on both sides. Oh...#7 is another favorite!!! The blue sky accented by the white clouds contributes to the beauty and is an important element in your compositions.

Where is that bike path? Please tell!

Bridget said...

fantanstic group of pix.
what a gorgeous blue sky like frosting on the cake.