Monday, July 18, 2011


This past weekend I attended the annual NECCC weekend at the University of MA in Amherst, MA.  (NECCC stands for New England Camera Club Council).  This is an amazing weekend when about 1,100 photographer, from beginners to pros, gather together to attend various workshops and classes.  As if that weren't good enough, you don't have to clean house, wipe runny noses, run errands, answer the phone (oops you can tell I started attending this weekend back in the days before cell phones), cook, clean the table or wash the dishes.  Could it get any better?

Anyway, the sessions begin early Friday afternoon and continue until noon on Sunday.  There has always been a featured speaker on Sat. night in the auditorium, along with awards, kudos to those who plan the event, and the dispersion of door prizes.  This year, however, the auditorium wasn't available, so the council planned a mini-balloon festival. 

The balloons were tethered, but it was still an awesome photo op, and they continued using the flames to keep the balloons inflated durning dusk and into darkness, which was very cool.  I've only been to one Balloon Festival, but I never had the chance to see them being inflated at dusk.  It was a really nice alternative to a Featured Speaker. 


trishalyn said...

Sounds like loads of fun, and I love the balloon shots...the colors are beautiful!

~she~ said...

Wow... I love them! My daughter's teacher flies a balloon. I would love to take pictures of it some time for her!

Bridget said...

these images are really beautiful!

Framing Images and Memories said...

The photos are wonderful. The last is my favorite. I love the lighting and the people add "celebration" to the photo.