Sunday, February 05, 2012

Another Sunday Post

I certainly had no intentions of posting a second time today. 

Last night my friend's son performed at a small venue on the North Shore.  I didn't take my grown-up camera because I knew it would be dark by the time they began and I was sure I couldn't get any good images.  Yikes!!!  When will I ever learn?

Fortunately I had my amazing point-and-shoot with me.  That baby goes up to 3200 iso.  I had soooo much fun shooting with it.  However....there's a huge amount of grain at such a high iso, and there's likely to be movement because even at that high iso, the shutter speed was slow.  I shot away, knowing that I could apply some fun filters in photoshop that would somewhat disguise the grain.

I haven't had time to process more than these two images, but really, what fun!

You probably all know my resistance to manipulated images, but I offer these as "manipulated" images.  No pretenses that they're straight from the camera.  I don't object to that.  I only object to those photographers who highly manipulate and then try to pass the images off as "straight". 
Just tell the truth, people.

Be sure and click on the images (especially the second one) to see the fun effects.

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trishalyn said...

Cool pics! Glad you enjoyed yourself...and so happy you had your PAS with you! :-)