Sunday, February 26, 2012


When I was young I didn't understand the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention".  But I do now (well, I've understood it for a long time) and when I see it in action, it makes me smile, even on something as simple as this.

At the soccer games yesterday, we didn't have an extra pen for the parents to use while filling out their order blanks.  I volunteered my .69 BIC pen, but was insistent that I didn't want it to get lost.  (You have to understand that I think they are the greatest pens ever made and I've been looking for them for a number of years)  You know, it's the principle of it--at any given registration table, someone is bound to walk off with the pen, usually by accident. 

So, between another worker and I, we came up with a way to protect my pen.
It worked.  And it made me smile.

These kids are so stinkin' cute!!!
(click on the picture to see what the back of the shirt says--I love it!)

It was a good day.  Not too hot and after a while it clouded over so we all had a break from the sun.

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trishalyn said...

Nice solution to your pen dilemma, MacGyver! :-)

You're right...those kids are so darn cute! Love the coach's t-shirt, too!