Friday, February 03, 2012

North Shore Waves

The waves on the North Shore have been very high this past week.  When that happens, it's a "go" for the surfing competitions.  I finally managed to get to one of them for a few hours.  The traffic is usually very heavy and finding a parking spot is all but impossible. 

But on that particular day, the stars all aligned nicely for me, and after 5 years I was able to sit on the beach during a surf competition.  (cue in triumphal entry music)


Anonymous said...

These are awesome...the kind where one sits and says OOOO and AHHHH
right out loud...wonderful shots

trishalyn said...

I agree!!! 2, 4, 5 are my favorites...but love them all! Cute license plate, too..another great one for your collection!

Bridget said...

love these surfing shots!!!