Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Photo This Time

I don't have a photo to go with this post.  This is a RANT!!! 

If you do not have a comment about the posted photos or something I've written,

I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT interested in buying anything or advertising for you for nothing.
And you who posted the obscene info--did you not notice that I'm a Christian and am therefore not interested in anything related to perverted or immoral activities????

You may not like my stance on your issues, but I suggest you find
someone who is sympathetic to your moral agenda and advertise on their site.



~she~ said...

Bad day? Sorry, I couldn't resist. I've had an increase in spam comments lately too. I guess people are bored during the winter months and have nothing else to do. You're right...it does get old. Thankfully, I haven't gotten anything obscene yet.

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