Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had several ideas for this topic--which in itself is quite a miracle because I don't usually have any ideas for the topics.  But I was unable to execute any of them during the day.  I knew I was going to my grandson's bb game tonight, so I figured I'd use an image from the game.  You don't usually think of JV players when you think of "childhood", but really, in the big scheme of things (living to 80-90 years), a 16-year-old is still in the stage of life referred to as "childhood".

Now for my rant.  Before leaving the bb game for the hour drive home, I decided to visit the loo.  I usually head for the handicap stall, not because I'm handicapped, but because there's sooooo much more room.  Well, once again I faced the all-too-frequent logistic predicament found in all-too-many ladies' rooms.

The commode was about 3 inches from the wall--really, what's that all about?  The stall is almost as big as a small bedroom, but the commode is jammed up against the wall.  If you sit down too fast and your shoulder accidentally touches the wall, you practically rebound off the seat.

Okay, then it's time to get the t-paper.  Well, that in itself, is an adventure, because invariably the dispenser is located so far down the wall that it's almost impossible for me, who isn't handicapped, to get the paper.  What in the world do the "handicapped" people do?  You practically tip yourself off the seat while bending over to grab the paper.  And if there isn't a little "tail" of paper to grab onto, you have to go on a search & rescue mission, hoping that you don't land on your knees before being able to clean up.

All I can say is, men must design those arrangements, cause a woman certainly wouldn't subject herself and her fellow-women to that kind of indignity.  hmmmph


trishalyn said...

Funny story! I'll check back tonight and hope the images have been posted. :-)

~she~ said...

Laughed out loud picturing you fishing for T.P. on the toilet! I've been there so many times! You're right...stalls are in no way designed for function. I hate when one side of me is jammed up next to a probably filthy wall.

How unbelievably kind of you to offer me a place to stay! Getting away for a week would be a total impossibility, but something fun to dream about! I hope to see Hawaii some day before I die. Italy too. I hope you have a fabulous winter! Looking forward to your cheery photos!

~she~ said...

You're right...the post is much better with the pictures! I especially love trying to imagine sitting between the toilet and paper holder!

Just for fun, I checked the cost of a round trip flight to Honolulu, random dates. $661 was the best I could do! :)