Wednesday, January 04, 2012


The photo challenge for the day was "letterbox".  fatmumslim is from the UK, so I'm guessing that is referring to what we call, the mailbox.

Couldn't find one that was interesting enough and I thought I'd have to miss a day already, but when I arrived at Morrette's for dinner with my photo group, I noticed these cute minatures on their Christmas display. 

It's not a mailbox letterbox, but pretty close.

Tomorrow the challenge is "something I wore".  Now that should be easy, right?  The operative word is "should".  Knowing me, I'll convolute it in my head and make it much harder than it should be.  Go to photographer mum to see what she posted.

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trishalyn said...

Very cute! I was at Morrette's a few weeks ago and didn't notice this display. I think a daily photo challenge really opens your eyes to things around you. Keep up the great work! :-)