Monday, January 02, 2012

The Past Couple of Days

For the past couple of days I've been thinking about what a slacker I've been about posting on my blog.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but I thought that Jan 1 would be a great time to begin posting an image a day for a year.

As some of you know, a few friends and I did that a few years ago. Most of the time it was pretty agonizing, although, ultimately, very rewarding.  Well, in her Dec 19 post, fat mum slim has challenged her readers to the very same activity, but she's added a nice twist.  She's posting a topic for each day as a suggestion. 

Today is Jan 2, and I didn't post yesterday, so there ya go.  I've already blown the 365 thing.  And since it's late at night and I just found fat mum slim's list, it's too late to do her suggestion.

So here's my pic for the day.  The only vanity plate I could find in a parking lot full of cars. 


trishalyn said...

Well, I guess you won't win "The Trophy" for posting one-a-day, but that's OK. Why don't you go for the one-a-week instead? You've already got a start on it...this is a cute license plate for your collection!

~she~ said...

You should just play catch-up and post until you are up with the rest of them. I'd like to see how you interperet her assignments.

You got it spot on with the people who park right on the line! I missed that one but it drives me batty too!

Bridget said...

just go from here. that is all we can do ;)